AGS Library to Host Annual Meeting of the Society for the History of Discoveries

Society for the History of Discoveries logoThe UWM Libraries’ American Geographical Society Library will host the 2017 annual meeting of the Society for the History of Discoveries (SHD), September 22-23.

Registration is required to attend the conference.

SHD was founded in 1960 to stimulate interest in teaching, research, and publishing the history of geographical exploration.

Laura Chmielewski, professor of history at SUNY Purchase, will present the keynote talk, “On the Road Again: Living among Jesuits in the Seventeenth Century.”

Other presentations are

  • “Navigating the Great Lakes and Shoals of Disunion,” Theodore Karamanski (This talk will be given at Marquette University).
  • “Plotting the Eastern Coastline of Lake Michigan, 1668-1840,” David Buisseret.
  • “The Unforseen Consequences of the Jesuit Map of Lake Superior, c. 1670,” Carl Kupfer.
  • “Jesuit Cartography of New France: Missionaries in Search of the Northwest Passage,” Mirela Altić.
  • “Depicting and Concealing Unknown Regions at the Northern Limits of North America on Maps to 1776,” Chet Van Duzer.
  • “Guts and Gustation: Cross-Cultural Eating at the Cape of Good Hope in the Eighteenth Century,” Anne Good.
  • “The Eastward Gaze: Indigenous Constructions of Europeanity in the Spanish Americas,” Lauren Beck.
  • “VERITAS CAPUT: Science, Politics and the Search for the “True Source” of the Mississippi River Headwaters,” Janet Rith-Najarian and Norwood Hall.
  • “From the Masthead to the Quarterdeck: The Birds-eye Views and  Pilotage Charts of Edward Barlow, 1659-1703,” Alistair Maeer.
  • “Jan Nieuhoff and Dutch Brazil: The Experiences of a West India Company Agent, 1640-1649,” Dennis Reinhartz.
  • “Mapping the Global Midwest: A New Digital Humanities Project,” Marguerite Ragnow.
  • “Treasures in the American Geographical Society Library,” AGSL Curator Marcy Bidney.

Registration and fee information can be found at