October Resource of the Month: Data Services

Data Services: Resource of the MonthDo you have research data? UWM Libraries has resources for you!

UWM Data Services is the place to go if you need help managing your research data or navigating new funder or journal data requirements. Data Services Librarian, Kristin Briney, is available to look over data management plans (DMPs), advise researchers on where to share data, and answer data compliance questions.

Data Services can also help UWM researchers take care of their data better, such as through upcoming workshops “Data Management 101” on October 14, 2016 and “Writing a Data Management Plan” on November 4, 2016. Unable to come to either session? Check out our selection of online videos on data management topics. The Data Services Librarian is also available for individual and group consultations.

Managing your data well means not you don’t have to fight your data in order to do your research. UWM Data Services wants to make your research better by making your relationship with your data better.

UWM Data Services is the first of many services that will featured in UWM Libraries’ new Resource of the Month program. If you have questions about Data Services, please contact Kristin Briney, the Data Services Librarian, at briney@uwm.edu.