All Scholarships

The College of Letters & Science offers a variety of scholarships and awards centrally through the Dean’s Office as well as through its departments. More details about department-level scholarships for specific majors can be found on the department web sites.

Students are encouraged to utilize the UWM Scholarship Portal to seek out and apply for scholarship opportunities. Students with a completed application in the Portal will be considered for all opportunities for which they qualify across the entire campus.

All students should complete the general application and update it at least once a year for the entire time they are at UWM. College of Letters & Science students should also complete the Letters & Science application which consists of just one item – upload a copy of your most recent transcript. This should be done at twice a year so that your most recent grades are always posted.

See our main scholarship web page for more details on the application process and more details about our scholarships for incoming freshmen.