Scandinavian Studies

The Certificate in Scandinavian Studies provides students with a thorough understanding of the language, culture, history, and literature of the Nordic nations including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

The Nordic region is known for its innovative approaches to democracy, literature, and the arts, as well as its history surrounding colonialism, migration, and globalization.

This certificate may be of particular interest to students who plan to enter government service, tourism and hospitality, or global business, and complements many different majors including history, political science, international studies, economics, geography, foreign languages and anthropology. Students interested in a career that works with the Scandinavian population or with a corporation with Scandinavian operations may find this certificate particularly valuable.

Study abroad is not required, but many students find that an overseas experience is life-changing and an exceptional complement to their studies in the U.S.

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Certificate Requirements

Total Scandinavian Studies Credits

18 credits

Scandinavian Languages (6 credits)

ScndvSt 101 (German 180) - First Semester Swedish, 4 credits

ScndvSt 102 (German 180) - Second Semester Swedish, 4 credits

ScndvSt 203 (German 180) - Third Semester Swedish, 3 credits

ScndvSt 204 (German 180) - Fourth Semester Swedish, 3 credits

Scandinavian Studies Electives (12 credits) (may include additional language courses)

Courses may also be selected from the approved list (below) or from other appropriate courses identified and approved by the program coordinator.

  • CompLit 240 - Norse Mythology, 3 credits
  • Geog 239 - Geography of Scandinavia, 3 credits
  • German 114 - Scandinavian Life and Culture, 3 credits
  • German 115 - Seminar on Scandinavian Culture: (Subtitle) (retakable w/change in topic to 9 credits maximum), 3 credits
  • German 270 - German Myths and Legends: "The Vikings" subtitle, 3 credits
  • German 699 - Independent Study: "Hans Christian Andersen" and/or "Nineteenth Century Scandinavian Literature" subtitles [Additional appropriate courses may be offered under this rubric.]
  • Hist 371 - Topics in European History: "History of the Vikings" subtitle, 3 credits
  • Philos 433 - Nineteenth Century Philosophy, 3 credits
    Philos 435 - Existentialism, 3 credits
    Philos 453 - Special Topics in the History of Modern Philosophy: (with appropriate subtitle), 3 credits

Scandinavian studies courses completed elsewhere, with the approval of the program coordinator, will be accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the certificate.

Additional Information

The majority of the certificate requirements may be completed at Mälardalen University, UWM's sister university in Sweden. Students attending Mälardalen University pay UWM tuition and take courses on the Swedish language and Scandinavian culture. Students also may take courses in pursuit of their other academic interests, either in Swedish or in English.

GPA Requirements

To complete the certificate, students must earn a minimum GPA of 3.000 in 18 credits of Scandinavian Studies courses