Physics is the study of matter and energy and their interactions in nature and under man-made conditions. Everything is comprised of matter and energy so the principles of physics touch everything in the world around us and beyond the bounds of Earth into the Universe.

UWM students can shape their Physics major in one of two directions. The standard major provides a broad overview of all aspects of physics: mechanics, optics and lasers, thermodynamics, quantum physics, magnetism, electricity, and the math principles that underlie everything in physics. In the astronomy focused version of the major, students still master these basics plus they add in additional coursework in astrophysics and gravitation.

UWM's program provides excellent preparation for graduate programs in physics, engineering, and math or can serve as a springboard to careers in areas of electronics and computers; space travel and space exploration; satellite technology; medical imaging and treatment; telecommunications; nuclear power; semi- and super-conductors; environmental consulting; climatology; green energy; and more.

The opportunity to participate in research as an undergraduate is a distinct advantage to being a Physics student at UWM. At most large, research universities, research opportunities for undergraduates are limited; there are fewer of them and they often are reserved for juniors or seniors. At UWM, you can get involved as early as freshman year. Students work directly with faculty and graduate students on their current research projects, and sometimes find themselves published in a peer-reviewed journal right alongside the faculty member. Participating in undergraduate research is an excellent way to enhance your resume for graduate school or employment.

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