Milwaukee Institute for Drug Discovery

The Milwaukee Institute for Drug Discovery (MIDD) was established to advance research and the development of new drugs in main primary areas: neuroscience, cancer and infectious diseases.

The development of new drugs is a lengthy process and involves many different entities. MIDD focuses primarily on the early-stage research necessary to determine the interactions between compounds, agents, cells, and molecules. This type of research is the result of collaborations between chemists, biochemists, biologists, microbiologists, neuroscientists, and biophysicists.

MIDD partners with external organizations such as regional and national academic centers, medical schools, medical product companies, and pharmaceutical companies. These entities may participate in this early research or they may take the findings and advance the research onto the next phases, towards testing and trials.

MIDD's services include pre-clinical and clinical studies leading to proof-of-concept; project management including issues related to regulatory compliance, quality control, clinical design, and logistics; assistance with patenting and licensing; curriculum development and student training; community partnerships that promote regional economic development.

View our web site to learn more about our current projects, including our well-publicized work on an alternative to inhaled steroids for the treatment of asthma.