Language, Literature, and Translation

The Master of Arts in Language, Literature and Translation (MALLT) is an interdisciplinary program that draws in graduate classes from a variety of language disciplines, comparative literature, linguistics, translation, history, and women's studies. The program is ideal for students interested in cross-cultural, academic inquiry into these topics. Two joint degree programs between MALLT and Information Studies and between MALLT and Business serve individuals seeking specialized positions in libraries or business management.

In order to suit the professional and personal goals of different types of students, there are many different concentrations and variations on the degree that can be created by the student in MALLT. All students work closely with their advisor to shape their own program to meet their specific needs.

In MALLT, a student can choose from several different concentrations. Students would then choose elective classes that focus on their discipline of choice:

  • Comparative Literature
  • French and Francophone Language, Literature, and Culture
  • German Language, Literature, and Culture
  • Translation

Students may also include the study of Linguistics or Spanish and Hispanophone Language, Literature, and Culture as a part of double concentrations or coordinated degree programs.

Combining MALLT with another degree program is another option for customization. Some students combine a MALLT concentration with the Master's program in Information Studies to prepare for careers in libraries or as curators of special collections for museums or historical societies. Some of the MALLT classes count towards the Information Studies program, and a student is awarded a joint MA/MLIS degree. Other students combine a MALLT concentration with the requirements for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in preparation for corporate career advancement. Up to nine MALLT credits can count towards the MBA, and the programs are pursued concurrently. At the end, the student receives a joint MA/MBA degree.

A thesis is not required for MALLT, but is recommended for students who intend to go on to pursue a PhD. Written and oral comprehensive exams are required for all MALLT students. Most students complete the program in two to three years; students have a five year time limit in which to complete MALLT.