German is the third most studied foreign language in the world, and, at UWM, we offer more than just instruction in language. In addition to German fluency, students learn how to apply that fluency by studying German culture, literature, customs, and history.

Wisconsin has a strong German heritage and many students find it both professionally useful and personally satisfying to explore the State's German influences. Many may come into college having already taken German in high school. Students can take a placement test to determine their starting course and may be able to earn retroactive credits if they place above the level of German 101.

Fluency in German can provide a career advantage in all types of industries where Germany and other German-speaking countries are leaders: finance, marketing, manufacturing, politics, government work, electronics and technology, chemical and biochemical, environmental science, and architecture. At UWM, language students receive an education in not just language fluency but also in the culture surrounding that language. Context matters in communication, and we believe it is important for students to understand the history, literature, and customs of native speakers of German in order to successfully apply their fluency.

A general minor in German is available, and there is a minor in Business German. The Business German minor is ideal for students interested in German business concepts, perhaps in preparation for an international business career. In addition to German language and culture classes, students take accounting or marketing classes from UWMs Lubar School of Business.

Students are encouraged to participate in UWM's well-established study abroad program. Destinations are available in more than 70 sites around the world and vary in length from a few week immersion, to semester-long, to even a full year. Because of the complexities of planning a study abroad experience, students are encouraged to start planning early in sophomore year. Most students engage in study abroad during the second half of sophomore year or during their junior year.

Read more about our German study abroad opportunities and the courses in the major by downloading our fact sheet to the right.