Data Analytics

Almost all human activity in the world today is measured and recorded as data. Whether we are listening to music, streaming shows, making a doctor’s appointment or booking a flight – we are generating data.

Analyzing that data can vastly improve human lives and business performance. So, it’s not surprising that data analytics is now used routinely even in fields not traditionally associated with data – including the arts, music and creative writing. Data analysts are also highly valued and sought after in business, government, health care, education, social welfare, engineering and manufacturing.
At UWM, you will train to practice in the field that you’re most passionate about. Students tailor their program around six areas to prepare for a data career in that industry: health care, business, social sciences, natural sciences, information science, or geography.
A well-trained data analyst serves as a bridge between the data and the users of the data, putting meaning and context to the data while also making sure data is used in an ethical manner. The job outlook for data professions is very positive – a projected 15% growth between 2019 and 2029 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.