Cultures and Communities

One of the most exciting things about college is the opportunity to meet and work with people from so many different backgrounds and walks of life. The Cultures and Communities (CC) program promotes such experiences through its unique array of interdisciplinary classes, collaborative projects, and community-based learning.

Cultures and Communities operates around the premise that learning to work across differences of cultural background and experience is a process essential to intellectual growth and lifelong learning, and ultimately to building a better world.

We promote diversity and civic engagement through an undergraduate certificate, community-university partnership grants and collaborations around the campus.

The Certificate provides students with a thorough understanding of the social construction of cultural identities and their relationship to history, society, politics, and economics. Students explore the multicultural construction of America and examine the community and culture of art, sexuality, gender, race, health, ethics, religion, and technology. The certificate is valuable and applicable in any career that involves working with people - which is almost everything.

As part of the requirements for the certificate, students complete a service learning component where they work in the community, tying their classroom learning to real world experiences. And, because so many of these classes also count as general education requirements, many students find it quite seamless to add the certificate into their education plan.

Download our fact sheet to the right to learn more about the class requirements for the certificate.