Comparative Ethnic Studies

Comparative Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines issues of social identity and power, in contemporary and historical contexts. The field centers on questions of race, gender, and sexuality. Students are free to select from a range of courses in the Ethnic Studies program, and to include coursework they do from around the university their academic programs.

Unique to UWM, our program offers courses covering the Hmong diaspora. Wisconsin is home to the third largest Hmong American population in the U.S., making UWM a great place to learn about this population.

The Committee Interdisciplinary Major with a focus in Comparative Ethnic Studies is also one of a handful of majors that requires an internship prior to graduation, thereby ensuring that students leave college with hands-on experience from the local community.

A certificate program in Comparative Ethnic Studies is also available for students seeking something closer to a minor.

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