American Indian Studies

The Committee Interdisciplinary Major with a focus in American Indian Studies provides students with a thorough understanding of the Native American tribal nations in North America and their influence and impact in today's culture and society.

Our program embraces everyone interested in understanding the treaties, history, cultures, and politics that shaped the formation of North America and continue to have relevance today. While UWM does attract a number of students with Native American ancestry to the program, our classes are full of people from all types of backgrounds. They all share a common interest in understanding the past in order to impact the present.

There are 565 tribal nations in the U.S., and 12 are located in the state of Wisconsin. UWM is a national driving force in this academic area because of our location; we have the most Native American faculty of any other UW school in Wisconsin.

Students in our program will receive lots of personalized attention and will find support and camaraderie in groups and events like our American Indian Student Services office and our annual Pow Wow. The personalized nature of our program is also reflected in the capstone research project, planning for which begins in junior year. Students will work with a faculty member to complete a capstone research project which focuses on that student's particular niche interest in the field of American Indian Studies.

At UWM students can choose from an American Indian Studies major or a certificate. A certificate is similar in scope to a minor.

Download our fact sheet to the right to learn more about the coursework that makes up our major or our certificate.