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May 2019 – Vol. 9, No. 5

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Cover Story / Page 6

In November, an army of amateur archaeologists descended on the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center to excavate the remains of a barn on a 19th-century homestead. They were directed by Art History’s David Pacifico who, in addition to leading the Emile H. Mathis Gallery, runs the Milwaukee Community Archaeology Project. The group uncovered ceramics, tools, and a slice of Wisconsin history. Read »

Josephine Hayes-Birchler

Page 2

After her divorce, Josephine Hayes-Birchler knew she needed to get an education so she could create a good life for her young son. Through setbacks, long hours, and lots of classes, and with the support of her friends at UWM, she is set to graduate this month with a biology major and will attend Marquette Dental School in the fall. Read »

Ryan Holifield

Page 4

To keep the largest water system in America clean and healthy, contaminated areas around the Great Lakes, known as “Areas of Concern,” need a lot of care from local stakeholders. But, just how do you find stakeholders to participate in the clean up? And once you have them, how do you keep them? Geography associate professor Ryan Holifield tackles those questions in his latest research paper. Read »

Rachel Buff

Page 9

The U.S. Supreme Court heard a case about the U.S. Census in April: Should the Commerce Department be allowed to add a question to the Census regarding respondents’ citizenship? The nine justices had some insight into the historic precedent of such a question, thanks to a “friend of the court” brief filed by a group of historians, including professor emerita Margo Anderson and professor Rachel Buff, both from the Department of History. Read »


Page 10

Biology and Anthropology alumna Jennifer Alferi is a pathologist and a business woman who spotted a unique niche in the market. Her company, Midwest Anatomic Pathology Services, performs private autopsies for bereaved families and overworked hospitals. It’s not quite “CSI,” but she’s solving medical mysteries that bring closure to grieving loved ones. Read »

Weather Balloon

Page 11

Twice a day, the National Weather Service launches weather balloons to gather the data the meteorologists need to make their forecasts. Even though they rely on this data, students in the atmospheric science program have never been able to launch a balloon themselves because the equipment is too expensive. But, in early May, with help from a private weather equipment manufacturer, students sent a weather balloon soaring. Read »

Gun Violence Project

Page 12

Behind each gun violence statistic lies a story – a loved one caught in the crossfire, a tragedy that shocked the neighborhood. Now, two associate professors from the Department of Communication, Leslie Harris and Erin Sahlstein Parcell, are partnering with other UWM researchers and Milwaukee community members to gather those stories and give a voice to gun violence survivors. Read »

Georg Essl

Page 13

Guggenheim Fellowships are prestigious awards that recognize the exceptional promise and achievements of scholars, artists, and writers. This year, Mathematical Sciences researcher Georg Essl was chosen as a fellow and awarded a monetary prize to support his work creating computer algorithms that produce sound. Read »

R1 Celebration

Page 14

UWM once again achieved status as a top-tier research university as designated by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. What better place to celebrate that designation than at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium! Read »