Curriculum and Governance

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The UWM Catalog and shared governance 

Shared governance means that faculty (in programs, as well as on college committees) have oversight responsibility for curriculum. The official record of what counts for a program (major, minor, certificate) is the UWM Catalog. Some pages are not subject to governance:

Course and program changes

Curriculum changes are subject to governance. Please enter them into CourseLeaf so they can be approved and entered into the catalog:

Most curriculum changes will be reviewed by the L&S Academic Policy and Curriculum Committee. Meeting dates and deadlines for materials to be put on the meeting agenda can be found on the L&S Committees page.

Additional guidance for new courses

When creating courses, see:

For further guidance on curriculum changes, contact the Director of Curriculum & Governance, Kristin Sziarto (, See also:

Academic Approval Matrices

Regarding the governance path for the changes you want to make, see the academic approval matrices:

Other Resources for Program Administration:

L&S and UWM Faculty policies: