Death Investigation – Requirements


To receive a certificate in Death Investigation, Forensic Science, or Forensic Toxicology, students must complete at least one half of the required credits on the UWM campus. A minimum grade point average of 2.500 must be achieved on the required credits. All options within the certificate require at least a basic knowledge of chemistry and biology. To meet this requirement, prior to registering themselves in the Forensic Sciences Certificate Program, students must successfully complete CHEM 100 or equivalent and BIO SCI 100 or equivalent.

The following courses must be completed successfully to obtain a Certificate in Death Investigation:

ANTHRO/BMS/CHEM/CRM JST 281Dead Men Do Tell Tales: An Introduction to Forensic Science3
ANTHRO/BMS/CHEM/CRM JST 285Medicolegal Death Investigation3
ANTHRO/BMS/CHEM/CRM JST 481Criminalistics3
ANTHRO 403The Human Skeleton3
ANTHRO 405Forensic Anthropology3
CRM JST 110Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRM JST 480Criminal Evidence and Investigation3
BMS 610Pharmacology3
or HCA 212 Drugs Used and Abused
Total Credits24

Additional courses with forensic content are listed below. Check prerequisites or consult the instructor for eligibility. These courses are recommended, but are not required, for the Certificate in Death Investigation:

ANTHRO/BMS/CHEM/CRM JST 585Internship in Forensic Toxicology1-3
ANTHRO/BMS/CHEM/CRM JST 589Internship in Death Investigation1-3
ANTHRO/BMS/CHEM/CRM JST 594Internship in Forensic Science1-3
ANTHRO 404Human Biological Variation3
BIO SCI 539Laboratory Techniques in Molecular Biology4
CHEM 194First-Year Seminar:3
CHEM 524Instrumental Analysis3
CHEM 602Biochemistry: Cellular Processes3
BMS 555Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring1
BMS 560Molecular and Genetic Diagnostics2
BMS 561Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory1

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