Advanced Natural Science Approved Courses List

Courses Approved for the L&S Advanced Natural Science Requirement

Courses in L&S Natural Science programs numbered 300 or above automatically count towards the L&S Advanced Natural Science requirement.

L&S Natural Sciences programs include:

  • Actuarial Science (ACTSCI)
  • Astronomy (ASTRON)
  • Atmospheric Science (ATM SCI)
  • Biological Sciences (BIO SCI)
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry (CHEM)
  • Geosciences (GEO SCI)
  • L&S Natural Sciences (L&S NS)
  • Mathematical Sciences (MATH)
  • Mathematical Statistics (MTHSTAT)
  • Physics (PHYSICS)

Courses numbered 300 or above in the following areas also fulfill the L&S Advanced Natural Science requirement:

  • Conservation and Environmental Sciences (CES) (excluding CES 461)
  • Freshwater Sciences (FRSHWTR) (only through 2009)

Other courses fulfilling the L&S Advanced Natural Science requirement are listed below.

Coding Key


ANTHRO 301Human Evolution and Variation  NS+ 3
ANTHRO 402Primate Evolution  NS 3
ANTHRO 403The Human Skeleton  NS 3
ANTHRO 530Paleoethnobotany: Introduction & Lab Methods3


GEOG 306Natural Hazards  NS 3
GEOG 310General Climatology3
GEOG 340Biogeography3
GEOG 403Remote Sensing: Environmental and Land Use Analysis4
GEOG 415Hydrogeography3
GEOG 420Methods and Principles in Land Form Geography3
GEOG 450Climates of the Past and Climate Change3
GEOG 455Applied Climatology3
GEOG 515Watershed Analysis and Modeling3
GEOG 520Physical Geography of the City3
GEOG 525Geographic Information Science4
GEOG 547Spatial Analysis4
GEOG 625Intermediate Geographic Information Science4
GEOG 696Independent Work in Physical Geography1-3


PSYCH 433Neuropsychology3
PSYCH 454Psychopharmacology and Addiction3
PSYCH 503Perception3
PSYCH 510Advanced Psychological Statistics3
PSYCH 610Experimental Design3
PSYCH 623Perceptual Processes4
PSYCH 627Cognitive Neuroscience3
PSYCH 645Hormones and Behavior3
PSYCH 654Advanced Physiological Psychology4
PSYCH 656Psychophysiology4
PSYCH 680Psychology of Aging3
PSYCH 682The Aging Brain3