Pre-Professional Advising


Pre-professional advisors specialize in working with students who intend to go on to a professional degree program after college. These include students with intention to go to:

  • Medical School
  • Law School
  • Veterinary School
  • Pharmacy School
  • Dental School
  • Chiropractic College
  • Physician Assistant programs
  • Optometry School
  • Podiatry School

If you are considering any of these programs, it is important to declare your intention so that you are assigned one of the specialty advisors who will help you prepare to reach your goal. Admission to these graduate programs is highly-competitive so it is important to start your planning as early as freshmen year to ensure you are taking the right classes, finding appropriate volunteer or internship experiences to get in the expected number of hours these graduate programs expect, and preparing for the required standardized admissions tests that you will likely take during your junior year of college.

It is important to note that the pre-professional designation is not the equivalent of a major. All pre-professional students must still choose a major. The choice of major is up to the student; these graduate programs require some specific coursework but no specific major. However, for the health professions, since most of the required coursework is in biology and chemistry, many students choose to major in biology, biochemistry, microbiology, or chemistry.

Please see the specific pre-professional web page for the program you are interested in for more information. If you are a current UWM student, you can also contact the appropriate advisor below, or, if you have not enrolled at UWM yet, please contact our admissions counselor at (414) 229-7711 or

Pre-Professional Advisors

profile photoFitzenberger, LoriSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654lorifitz@uwm.eduHolton Hall 147
profile photoHack, JenniferSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654jlrahmer@uwm.eduHolton Hall 146
profile photoKeyes, AmandaAcademic AdvisorStudent Academic Services-Generalahkeyes@uwm.eduHolton Hall 144
profile photoMclaughlin, IanSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654mclaughi@uwm.eduHolton Hall 126
profile photoNorthrup, DanaSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654northrup@uwm.eduHolton Hall 124
profile photoStark, LauraSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654starkl@uwm.eduHolton Hall 130
profile photoWallander, GwynSr Student Serv CoordStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654gwyn@uwm.eduHolton Hall 113