Contact Advising

Current UWM and L&S student

Contact your L&S advisor for assistance. You can find your advisor’s name in the lower right-hand part of PAWS when you first log in. If you wish to make an appointment with your assigned advisor, you can do so online at the Navigate website. Or, find your advisor’s phone number below. The general advising receptionist can be reached at (414) 229-4654.

You will also find answers to the most common questions on our advising website.

Current UWM student but not in L&S

If you are a current UWM student from a school or college other than Letters & Science and are looking for an advisor to discuss transferring to Letters & Science, please contact (414) 229-4654 to schedule an appointment. Please note that you must be in good standing (minimum 2.0 GPA) to transfer into Letters & Science; if your GPA is below a 2.0, you may still meet with an advisor to discuss strategies to raise your GPA and courses you can take prior to transferring into Letters & Science.

Not yet enrolled

If you have general questions not related to advising or if you are not currently enrolled at UWM, you can reach an admissions counselor at (414) 229-7711 or

Letters & Science Advising Office Location

Holton Hall
2442 E. Hartford Avenue
Reception desk in Holton 142


profile photoAndrew CuneoSr Student Serv CoordStudent Academic Services - General(414) 229-4654acuneo@uwm.eduHolton Hall 157
profile photoJennifer DerocheSr Admin Prgm SpecStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654jderoche@uwm.eduHolton Hall 145
profile photoLori FitzenbergerSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654lorifitz@uwm.eduHolton Hall 147
profile photoLenore FullerSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654lhoeft@uwm.eduHolton Hall 148
profile photoJennifer HackSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654jlrahmer@uwm.eduHolton Hall 146
profile photoKimberly HananSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654kimmarie@uwm.eduHolton Hall 129A
profile photoJim KlingbielSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654jimk@uwm.eduHolton Hall 149
profile photoKristin LathamSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-2794meeka@uwm.eduHolton Hall 141
profile photoIan MclaughlinSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654mclaughi@uwm.eduHolton Hall 126
profile photoDana NorthrupSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654northrup@uwm.eduHolton Hall 124
profile photoElise OberheuAssociate AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654eoberheu@uwm.eduHolton Hall
profile photoInes PettersonSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654inesita@uwm.eduHolton Hall 150
profile photoChris RolandSr. AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General414-229-4654rolandc@uwm.eduHolton Hall 114
profile photoLaura StarkSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654starkl@uwm.eduHolton Hall 130
profile photoDorrie Van KerkvoordeSr AdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654unertl@uwm.eduHolton Hall 127
profile photoGwyn WallanderSr Student Serv CoordStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654gwyn@uwm.eduHolton Hall 113
profile photoAnne WillisAdvisorStudent Academic Services-General(414) 229-4654willisak@uwm.eduHolton Hall 125