Incomplete Policy

An incomplete may be given to an undergraduate who has carried a subject successfully until near the end of the semester but, because of illness or other unusual and substantiated cause beyond that student’s control, has been unable to take or complete the final examination or to complete some limited amount of term work. An incomplete is not given unless the student proves to the instructor that s/he was prevented from completing course requirements for just cause as indicated above.

A course marked incomplete must be completed during the next succeeding semester, excluding summer sessions and UWinterim. If the student does not remove the incomplete during this period, the report of “I” will lapse to “F”. With approval of the instructor, additional time may be granted through a request to the instructor for an Extended Incomplete (“EI”), including cases where the “I” lapsed to “F”. The determination to assign an “EI” grade is at the sole discretion of the instructor or, if an instructor cannot be contacted, the department chair. The “EI” grade will lapse to “F” after one calendar year unless a final grade is awarded or another extension is requested by the instructor or department.

Incomplete (“I”) or Extended Incomplete (“EI”) courses may not be used to satisfy degree requirements. Incomplete (“I”) or Extended Incomplete (“EI”) courses will be converted to Permanent Incomplete (“PI”) prior to degree posting if not required for graduation. The PI does not change the impact of the “F” grade on the student’s record. It is equivalent to earning the lapsed “F” grade in terms of how it affects the student’s GPA and GPA credits.