Concurrent Enrollment Policy

Students who wish to take a class at another institution during the fall or spring semester while also enrolled in classes at UWM must request permission for concurrent enrollment. Permission is not required for summer session.

To request permission for concurrent enrollment, send an email to Jennifer Deroche, Assistant Dean for Student Success and Academic Services. Include in your email all of the following information:

  • the name of the other institution where you like to take the class
  • the name of the class you would like to take and its equivalent course at UWM
  • the semester you would like to be concurrently enrolled
  • why you would like to take the class at a school other than UWM
  • your student ID number and full name

Please use the subject line “Permission Request for Concurrent Enrollment” in your email.

You may be asked to provide evidence of your enrollment at the other institution before final approval is granted.


  • Students are not allowed to be concurrently enrolled at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) during the fall or spring semester for math or chemistry.
  • Students may not repeat classes that have already been taken at UWM at another institution. Students who are unhappy with a grade received in a UWM course must repeat it at UWM.
  • The UW-System Transfer Information System Wizard can help evaluate course equivalencies at UW colleges and universities and at technical schools.