Q: What is my class standing?
A: The number of credits completed determines your class standing: Freshmen (0-23 credits) Sophomore (24-55 credits) Junior (56-87 credits) Senior (88+ credits)

Q: How are the General Education Requirements (GER) different from the Letters and Science requirements?
A: The Letters and Science requirements extend well beyond the minimum University requirements outlined in the General Education Requirements. Therefore, a student may have General Education requirements complete, but may still have several Letters and Science Requirements left to fulfill. Degree requirements vary depending upon when you began college for the first time.

If you are switching majors from another school or college at UWM to a major within Letters and Science, you may have the university GER done but are likely still short on L&S requirements.

Q: Can I take classes at another university while also taking classes at UWM?
A: Students must have written permission prior to taking courses at the other institution. See the Permission for Concurrent Enrollment Policy.

Q: How and when do I apply for graduation?
A: Apply for graduation when you register for your final semester through your PAWS account. Under the “For Students” section, look for “Academic Summary” and the “Apply for Graduation” button.