Q: Who is my Advisor?
A: A student’s advisor is listed in their PAWS account in the lower right-hand side. Log into PAWS to find your advisor’s name.

Q: Will I have more than one advisor?
A: Letters and Science students will be assigned a professional advisor which will be listed on their PAWS account. Once a student declares a major, he/she will also have a faculty advisor in their major department who will provide guidance on the major requirements. Students may also have an advisor if they are pursuing a certificate, minor, or a pre-professional track.

Q: How often should I see my advisor?
A: Students should see their advisor at least once per semester to review their degree requirements and class selections for the upcoming semester.

Q: What is a Degree Summary Sheet and why would I want one?
A: A Degree Summary Sheet is used by academic advisors to monitor your academic progress towards the fulfillment of degree requirements. This document compares the courses that you have taken with the requirements that you need to complete. The Degree Summary Sheet will indicate how many credits you have completed, how many credits you have in progress, and how many credits remain to be completed for each requirement. The Degree Summary Sheet may be updated at each advising session.