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Transfer from another UWM school/college into L&S

You must be in good standing (minimum 2.0 GPA) to transfer between schools and colleges at UWM. If you are, call (414) 229-4654 to make an appointment with an advisor, complete the form below, and bring it with you to your appointment. If you are not currently in good standing, you may still make an appointment with an advisor to discuss ways to raise your GPA and classes you can take prior to transferring into L&S.

Declare an Intended Major

Use this form if you are currently undecided and wish to indicate your intent to declare an Letters & Science major but are not ready to formally declare a major. By listing your intent to major in a particular subject, you will make yourself known to the department and receive information relevant to that major such as scholarship announcements. Also use this form if you would like to change your intended major within the College of Letters & Science. For example, if you are changing from an intended English major to an intended Communication major, both of which are in the College of Letters & Science. NOTE: When switching actual majors, you must formally declare that change within the corresponding L&S Department. Consult the Department for their particular declaration of major procedure.

Declare an actual Major

You declare your major in the corresponding L&S Department. Consult the Department for their particular declaration of major procedure. Some programs allow you to declare online while others require you to visit the Department office

Make a program change between weeks 1 and 8 of the semester (Add, drop, change grading options, etc.)

Many changes can be made on a self-service basis directly in PAWS up to two weeks after the start of a class. Between the second and eighth week of classes, students need to fill out the Registration Change Form and obtain written permissions.

Make a program change after the eighth week of the semester (Add, drop, withdraw, etc.)

Students are expected to have all program changes completed prior to the eighth week of class. Read the policy to understand the extenuating circumstances under which an appeal for a late change will be considered before completing any forms. Then, complete both the Registration Change form and Appeal for Late Change of Program form.

Appeal a Grade

Come back to school after being academically dropped

Work with my advisor to get off of academic probation

Make an appointment with your advisor and review the documents below. Complete as much information as possible and bring it with you to your appointment. Please come prepared to discuss ways you have found to address the issues that caused you to be placed on probation.

Know how repeated courses and grades are handled

Know how incompletes are handled

Understand the difference between taking a course for a grade vs. taking a course for just credit

Learn about the maximum number of classes I can take in a semester

Learn about the maximum number of credits I can accumulate

Take classes at UWM and somewhere else during the same semester

Get retroactive credits for language courses

A student can receive retroactive credits by testing into a higher-level langauge class and completing it with a B or better grade. Up to 14 retroactive credits may be awarded for the classes that were skipped. For example, if a student tests into the third semester French course and completes it with a B or better, s/he may obtain credits for the first and second semester French classes that were skipped. Students should contact the appropriate foreign language department before the beginning of the semester to verify that the course that they are taking generates retroactive credits.

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