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Related Certificates

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Students interested in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean should explore the certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS). The LACS Certificate offers a specific academic focus on the study of the region, including language. Language proficiency in a language other than English that is widely spoken in the region is required. The LACS certificate differs from a minor in being interdisciplinary and allowing students to combine related courses in different disciplines to explore common themes. For example, a student interested in women’s issues in the region may examine the issue from various perspectives by taking literature, theatre, film, dance, history, and political science classes.

Latino Studies

Students interested in the experience of Latinxs* within the United States might find the certificate in Latino Studies well-suited to their personal and/or professional goals. The Latino Studies Certificate Program is designed for students who have an interest in Latinx Studies, regardless of major or college affiliation. It utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to expand students’ knowledge of the experiences, cultures and history of Latinxs in the United States.


* “Latinx” (La-teen-ex) is an inclusive term used to embrace all gendered and non-gendered identities of peoples with Latin American ancestry. “Latinx” specifically refuses to further silence and erase trans (non-binary and binary), gender non-conforming, non-binary, and genderqueer people.