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Learn Hebrew to better understand contemporary Israel, prepare for future travels, make a deeper connection your heritage, or expand your language skills. Find out how UWM can help you.

Upcoming Classes!
Hebrew 101 & 201, Fall 2019 semester

Why Learn Hebrew?

Deepen your understanding of Judaism, whether or not it is your own tradition.

Enhance your learning in a wide range of subjects and professions — including International Relations, Jewish Studies, Middle Eastern and North African Studies, Religious Studies, Business, Journalism, and many more.

Learn the language of the Bible. While Hebrew 101 and 102 are courses in Modern Hebrew, these courses provide a strong foundation for studying Biblical Hebrew.

Visit Israel: a dynamic, exciting country in the heart of the Middle East, and a world leader in science and technology.

Why Learn Hebrew Online at UWM?

Online classes allow you to fit language learning into the rest of your schedule. With web conferencing, you will also have weekly “face-to-face” learning with your teacher and classmates.

Our Hebrew teacher, Yael Gal, is a native Israeli and a master teacher who is an expert in using technology and making language learning fun.

You will learn Hebrew in relevant contexts, looking at popular culture, news media, and music.

Hebrew is one of the only UWM languages offered online at the beginning level, making it ideal for online degree students.

Video: Meet Yael Gal and UWM Hebrew language students!


UWM is one of the lowest-cost public universities in the Midwest. For Wisconsin residents, the cost of an online Hebrew class starts at approximately $1,350. Students from other states should consult with the Hebrew Studies program to discuss out-of-state tuition rates.

How to Apply

Students from other universities who want to enroll in Hebrew 101 or 102 should apply to UWM as a Non-degree student. See the UWM Undergraduate Admissions Non-Degree webpage for more information and to fill out our non-degree application. After being accepted, students may enroll in the Hebrew course.

For Further Information

Please contact Dr. Rachel Baum at for questions about online Hebrew classes or the Jewish Studies major.

Learn more about how to apply and enroll by contacting our Admissions Counselor at (414) 229-7711 or