Katie Larson

Undergraduate LCTL Researcher

Katie Larson is a senior and a Chinese major who has studied Chinese for 2 years. She spent a summer in Beijing, China at Peking University in an immersive program to study Chinese intensively and will spend the remainder of her undergraduate study in Beijing for a second study abroad before going to graduate school. She also speaks Spanish and has a Spanish minor. Katie enjoys teaching Chinese and making interactive games and activities to help others study better.

“Working at the Language Resource Center has been an amazing experience for me. As a Chinese major, making content for language study not only lets me share my knowledge of the subjects but also gives me a good review on past lessons, therefore further improving my Chinese language skills. I believe this job will go a long way for me in finding a career in the future. I have always wanted to teach Chinese and this job has given me the opportunity to test my knowledge and make content for others studying the language. For me, studying Chinese is my passion so I am very happy to have had the opportunity to share my knowledge with future students and I hope that they will benefit from the work I have put in. The work atmosphere at the LRC was very fun and relaxing to work in. I thoroughly enjoyed working here and I know that the experience I gained working with content creation and video editing will help me in my future endeavors. I want to thank my supervisors and fellow coworkers for making my time here enjoyable and for making it possible for me to gain experience in my selected field of study.” -Katie