Reminder if you’re planning to graduate in May

Don’t forget to apply for graduation through PAWS by Saturday, February 3.

See the announcement fromthe Graduate School below for more details!

This graduation application is required for us to process your degree completion and order your diploma; it is not for the graduation (commencement) ceremony.

Deadline to apply for Spring (May) 2018 graduation is Saturday, February 3, 2018.

(if you’ve already applied for Spring 2018 Graduation, you can disregard this email.)

Graduation applications are only valid for the term stated on the application.

  • If you applied to graduate in a past semester but didn’t finish,
    • you must notify the Graduate School (if you haven’t already)     -and-
    • re-apply for graduation by the deadline for the term in which you expect to graduate.
  • You will NOT be billed another $40 fee if it has already been billed.


  1. Pop-ups must be enabled in your web browser for the entire application process to take place
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your E Panther ID & Password
  4. On your Student Center Page, under the Academics Section, click on “other academic” drop down listing
  5. Select “Apply for Graduation” and then click on the arrow
  6. Follow the instructions to complete the online graduation process.
  7. A confirmation page will appear following the submission of your application. An email will be sent to your UWM email address.

Be sure to read our graduation procedures for more complete information: