MALLT Alumni News

Congratulations to MALLT students and alumni who have provided details of their recent accomplishments:

  • Anukware Selase Adzima (Spanish Translation May 2007) will begin the Ph.D. program in Translation Studies at SUNY-Binghamton in Fall 2008.
  • Andrés Aluma (MALLT candidate in Spanish Translation) completed field research for a Translation thesis thanks to a Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Graduate Student Travel Award for 2008.
  • Edmund Asare (MLIS & French Translation Aug 2007) is in his second year in Kent State’s Translation Studies Ph.D. program with continued TA funding for the Translation Tools/Language Informatics track.
  • Aaron Cengiz (Spanish Translation Aug 2008) has accepted a teaching position for 2008-2009 in the Spanish Department at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.
  • Jennifer Flamboe (Spanish & Spanish Translation May 2007) has accepted a full-time position at Alverno College as an assistant professor in the World Languages department. Jennifer also works as a medical interpreter and coordinator of translation services at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.
  • Craig Hubbell (Spanish Translation Aug 2005) recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School and is working for the Wisconsin Association of School Boards.
  • Amanda Kinsel (Spanish Translation May 2008) has moved to Maryland and is currently searching for a job in the Baltimore/D.C. metropolitan area.
  • Brett Lipshutz (French May 2008) has accepted a position as coordinator of the French Language Center at the Alliance Française de Milwaukee.
  • Lindsey New (French Translation Aug 2007) was offered full funding to begin the Ph.D. program in French at the University of Texas in Fall 2008.
  • Laurel Radomski (German May 2008) has accepted a job with Columbus Catholic High School in Marshfield where she will be teaching all levels of German as well as Computer Applications.
  • Mónica Rodriguez (Spanish Translation Aug 2007) will begin doctoral studies in Translation at Kent State in Fall 2008.
  • Aurora Sambolín (Spanish Translation Dec 2006) will begin Ph.D. studies at the University of Manchester in Fall 2008.
  • David Summers (French Translation May 2006) completed his first year at Kent State and is currently working on his dissertation topic and redesigning a course for the fall semester.
  • Melanie Taylor (MALLT candidate in French) will spend the 2008-09 academic year at the Université Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle. In addition to taking courses in French literature, Melanie will be a Teaching Assistant in English. She will be the fourth MALLT student to participate in this teaching exchange.
  • Jing Zhai (Linguistics May 2008) has accepted a position as adjunct instructor at Marquette University teaching Chinese language, Chinese civilization, and Chinese literature in translation.