MALLT/MBA Degree Program

In cooperation with the Lubar School of Business, the MALLT program offers the Master of Arts in Language, Literature, and Translation [Translation concentration only]/Master of Business Administration coordinated degree program is designed for those interested in careers combining high-level management and administrative skills with excellent language-services skills for careers in business, industry, governmental, and nonprofit organizations. This track can be completed in English to Spanish, or Arabic, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish to English. The Translation portion of the degree is entirely online; the MBA portion of the degree is not online.

Students enrolled in the coordinated degree program concurrently pursue MALLT and MBA degrees, and will be expected to fulfill the degree requirements of both programs. Nine of the 30 credits normally required for a MALLT degree will be satisfied by courses taken in the Lubar School of Business. Courses in related areas must be approved by the Chair of Translation and Interpreting Studies. Prerequisite to the award of either degree in this program is the simultaneous award of its counterpart degree.


Total Credits Required

54 credits

Required Language-Specific Copurses (6 credits)
  • Trnsltn xxx – Introduction to Translation in your language pair
  • Trnsltn xxx – Advanced Seminar in Translation in your language pair
Required Core Seminars (6 credits)
  • Trnsltn 709 – Literary & Cultural Translation, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 820 – Translation Theory, 3 credits
Required Non-Language-Specific Courses (9 credits)
  • Trnsltn 710 – Comparative Systems in Translation, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 726 – Computer Assisted Translation, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 730 – Internship in Translation, 3 credits
Electives Shared TIS/MBA (9 credits)
  • Trnsltn 530 - Business & Professional Aspects of Translation. 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 700 - Consecutive Interpreting, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 711 - Ethics & Procedures in Interpreting, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 727 - Project Management for Translation, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 728 - Editing for the Translation Industry, 3 credits
  • English xxx - Approved course in professional writing
  • BusMgmt xxx - Approved course
  • One translation course in another language (3 credits)
Master of Business Administration (24 credits)
  • BusMgmt 704 - Accounting Analysis and Control, 3 credits
  • BusMgmt 705 - Corporate Finance, 3 credits
  • BusMgmt 706 - Managing in Dynamic Environment, 3 credits
  • BusMgmt 707 - Information Technology Management in Contemporary Businesses, 3 credits
  • BusMgmt 708 - Marketing Strategy: Concepts and Practice, 3 credits
  • BusMgmt 709 - Analytic Models for Managers, 3 credits
  • BusMgmt 711 - Supply Chain Strategies & Competitive Operations, 3 credits
  • BusMgmt 712 - Strategic Management, 3 credits
  • BusMgmt 735 - Advanced Spreadsheet Tools, 1 credit
  • BusMgmt 736 - Understanding and Using Financial Statements, 3 credits
  • BusMgmt 737 - Business Strategy and Economics, 2 credits
  • BusMgmt 738 - Critical and Analytical Thinking in Business, 2 credits
Additional Information

Candidates are expected to fulfill the degree requirements of both graduate programs simultaneously. Degrees are awarded simultaneously.

Comprehensive Examination & GPA Requirements

Students must earn a B or better to pass graduate-level courses. Students must also pass comprehensive examinations at the end of their studies. Graduate School requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for graduation.

Time Limit

Students in the coordinated MALLT/MBA degree program must complete all degree requirements within seven years of the first enrollment semester as a degree student.