French BA / MALLT-Translation MA

The Accelerated BA French / MA Translation allows high-achieving students with advanced proficiency in French (including AP or retro credits in French) to earn a BA in French and an MA in MALLT, with a concentration in French>English Translation, in only five years.

Undergraduate students are eligible to apply for this program once they have completed at least 90 credits at UWM, including all of the UWM GER requirements and all of the L&S requirements, and most of the French major requirements.

Undergraduate students must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or better, and a GPA in the French major of 3.5 or better, in order to apply.

UWM and L&S requirements

  1. English Proficiency and UWM Oral and Written Communication (OWC) GER – English 102 (OWC-A) and one OWC-B course
  2. Math Proficiency and UWM Quantitative Literacy (QL) GER – Math 102, 103, 105, or 108 (QL-A) and a QL-B course
  3. Formal Reasoning – 3 credits (Some courses satisfy both formal reasoning and the QL-B GER)
  4. UWM Arts GER – 3 credits
  5. UWM Cultural Diversity GER – 3 credits usually accomplished in conjunction with a Humanities or Social Science course
  6. Foreign Language – 4 semesters of a single Foreign Language (or 3 semesters of one language and 2 semesters of another language)
  7. L&S Humanities – 12 credits
  8. L&S Social Sciences – 12 credits
  9. L&S Natural Science – 12 credits including a laboratory
  10. L&S International – 9 credits usually accomplished with third and fourth semesters of foreign language and 3 credits in a Humanities or Social Science course

French Major

The major in French consists of 27 credits, at least 15 numbered above 303 taken in residence at UWM.

French Major requirements include:

  1. French 324, 325, and 332 – 9 credits
  2. 6 credits in the following: French 428, 429, 430
  3. 12 additional credits in courses numbered above 350
  4. Research Requirement (in conjunction with one of the following: French 428, 429, 430, 431, 432, 433, 450, 510, or 592)
  5. Advanced Language Proficiency Examination

Because the course of study is highly individualized, students must seek advising from their French advisor (with input from the MALLT Coordinator) on the undergraduate portion of the degree; students will then be assigned an advisor from Translation to complete the MA degree requirements. Please email for more information.