Admissions FAQ

Q: What are the expectations for admission?
A: Generally speaking, the higher your grade point average, the better your chances of admission. The appeals committee ranks applicants according to overall GPA, performance in JAMS courses, transcripts, résumés, and personal statements.

Q: What should I include on my résumé?
A: The appeals committee suggests a standard, one-page résumé similar to one you would submit if applying for a job or an internship. It should include your work and educational history, and highlight skills and experiences relevant to the major. The résumé should be organized and free of errors. Do not include references. Help on résumé writing can be found at

Q: What should I write about in my 500-word personal statement?
A: The appeals committee will be looking for a well-written essay that discusses relevant background information about yourself and your reasons for seeking a JAMS major or minor. Provide a thoughtfully articulated narrative with reflections on the experiences, challenges, and inspirations that have influenced your decision. In addition to telling your story, discuss your academic interests and career goals. Include any other relevant information. Demonstrate your ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and carefully (i.e., without mistakes in typing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.). Writing style, organization, and word choice as well as a strong interest in the field are important factors in admissions decisions.

Q: Who will provide information not available here?
A: You may contact: