Jeffery Smith

Emeritus Professor


PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madison
MS, Boston University
BA, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Research Interests

Early American press, legal history of freedom of expression, media and war, media and religion

Teaching Areas

Media history, war and media, documentary, freedom of expression

Other Activities

Editorial board member of Communication Law and Policy, Journalism and Communication MonographsJournalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, and Journalism History.

Selected Publications

Smith, Jeffery A. “Writing Media History Articles: Manuscript Standards and Scholarly Objectives.” Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. (2015): 1-23.
Smith, Jeffery A. “Panel IV: The Future of the Press and Secrecy.” Communication Law and Policy, Routledge 19.1 (2014): 129-39.
Smith, Jeffery A. “Lincoln’s Other War: Public Opinion, Press Issues, and Personal Pleas.” American Journalism 26.4 (2009): 87-117.
Smith, Jeffery A. “Moral Guardians and the Origins of the Right to Privacy.” Journalism and Communication Monographs 10.1 (2008): 63-110.
Smith, Jeffery A. “Sunday Newspapers and Lived Religion in Late Nineteenth Century America.” Journal of Church and State 48.1 (2006): 127-52.
Smith, Jeffery A. “Fredrick Sibert’s Absolute, Adjustable First Amendment.” Communication Law and Policy 7.4 (2002): 379-99.
Smith, Jeffery A. “Hollywood Theology: The Commodification of Religion in Twentieth-Century Films.” Religion and American Culture 11.2 (2001): 191-231.
Smith, Jeffery A. War and Press Freedom: The Problem of Prerogative Power. Oxford University Press, 1999.