Graduate Theses


Ahmed, Abu Taib, “Factors That Push Bangladeshi Media to Self-Censorship” (Summer 2020)

Beykont, Yasemin, “Memes and Copyright: Article 13, Branding, and Digital Remix Culture” (Summer 2020)

Brunson, Alexia, “The New State: Self-Governance and Self Expression Through the Exploration of Youth Social Spaces in Today’s Mediated Society” (Summer 2020)

Gürçay, Atinç, “Digital Mediation of Dissent: The Stories of Unveiled Women From Turkey” (Summer 2020)

Kocik, David, ““Being Cute and Hella Gay”: Pokemon Reborn, Fan Labor, and Queering the Pokemon World” (Spring 2020)

Menders, Stephanie, “Lifestyle TV for Men: The Nostalgic Fantasy of History Channel’s Blue Collar Infotainment” (Spring 2020)

Dwivedee, Siddhant, “Production of Native Advertising in the New Media Economy” (Spring 2020)


MacMillian, Dasmond, “Superhero TV: Analyzing the Narrative Techniques of the CW’s The Flash (2014-Present) & The Netflix Original Program Daredevil (2015-2018)” (Fall 2019)

Khairy, Safa, “‘Where Are We Now?’: The Image Construction of Arabs and Muslims in Bodyguard” (Summer 2019)

Hacket, Claire, “CW is Open to All: Post-Difference Representation and Hegemonic Time-Travel Narratives in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” (Summer 2019)

Kappers, Ashley, “Green Energy at Any Cost: How Ethanol Producer Magazine Uses Science to Frame Ethanol Production” (Spring 2019)

Pruni, Analise, “Bi the Wayside? Shifts in Bisexual Representations in Teen Television” (Spring 2019)


Sen, Srijan, “Contextualizing the News: Newspaper Front Pages in the Age of Fact-Checking Journalism” (Fall 2018)

Wolf, Sierra, “Because He Is Different: Shifts in Discourse and the Increasing Presence of of Autism in Fictional Television” (Fall 2018)

Mandella, Anthony, “The Value of Internships in Radio Broadcasting” (Summer 2018)

Johns, Derrick, “Drama, Low Wages, and Eviction: A Qualitative Analysis of the American Underclass as Presented in Books and Trash TV” (Summer 2018)

Barden, Joe, “Where’s the Fair Use? Participatory Culture, Creativity, and Copyright on YouTube” (Summer 2018)


Weber, Lindsay, “’Don’t be such a girl, I’m only joking!’ Post-alternative Comedy, British Panel Shows, and Masculine Spaces” (Summer 2017)

Wright, Emily, “The Cycle of Exclusion in Local Print News: How News Content Reflects and Reinforces Patriarchy” (Summer 2017)

Cuff, Steve, “Now You’re Playing with Power: Nintendo and the Commodification of Nostalgia” (Spring 2017)

Danielle Stobb, “How Working in Local TV News Affects Journalists’ Personal Lives” (Summer 2017)

Justin Englebart, “Superman’s Editor Mortimer Weisinger: The Success and Extension of the Superman Brand in the Silver Age of Comics” (Summer 2017)


Sugden, Ryan, “Gay Liberation is One Thing, But Nobody Likes a Dyke: Emerging Frames in Queer Radio” (Fall 2016)

Vander Veen Mich, Courtney, “Elections Matter: The Politics of Prosecuting Deceptive Advertising in Wisconsin” (Fall 2016)

Palen, Andy, “Farm Aid: A Case Study of the Impact of a Charity Rock Organization” (Fall 2016)

Murphy, Daniel, “Sound and Vision: Marketing Recorded Music in the Age of Radio” (Summer 2016)

Blanks, Geraud, “Skin in the Game: Providing Redress for American Sports’ Appropriation of Native American Iconography” (Summer 2016)

Draeger, Roger, “A Hero a Minute: The Manufacture of Aura and Rarity in the World of Sports Memorabilia” (Summer 2016)

Kaufman, Samantha, “Growing Social Change: The Limits of Communication in Changing the Food System” (Summer 2016)

Kinnard, Rachel, “The Feminist Voice in Mainstream News Discourse” (Summer 2016)

Kohlmann, Margaret, “Young Adult Authors, Readers, and Feminized Social Media” (Summer 2016)


Collins, Ethan, “Bring the Fan to the Game:” Football, Baseball, and the Transformation of Sports Television into Entertainment” (Summer 2015)

Connor, Megan, “‘Anne Rice For Kids’ and Twilight For TV: Young Adult Media Franchising And The Vampire Diaries” (Summer 2015)

Glinis, Shawn, “VCRs: The End of TV as Ephemera” (Spring 2015)

Irving, Mark, “Institutional Influence on Documentary Forms: A Comparative Analysis of PBS and HBO Documentary Programs” (Fall 2015)

Kallenberger, Kate, “Performing Private Life on the Public Stage: Tracing Narratives of Presidential Family Lives, Leisure, and Masculinities in U.S. News Media” (Spring 2015)

Neibaur, Max, “Balancing Business And Art In Music: Gazing Into The Star Texts Of Michelle Branch And Regina Spektor” (Spring 2015)

Peckham, Leslie, “‘Be A Sturdy Oak’: The Art of Manliness and Rebranding Masculinity in 21st Century America” (Spring 2015)

Sengupta, Paromita, “‘Boredom Is Always Counter-Revolutionary’: Affective Political Activism In Participatory Online Communities” (Spring 2015)

Smith, Simone, “Old Ideas In New Skins: Examining Discourses Of Diversity On The Websites Of 10 Urban-Serving Universities” (Spring 2015)

Stratton, Nicholas, “Mind and Matter: The Discursive Construction of the iPhone in Apple’s Advertising” (Fall 2015)


Coskuntuncel, Aras, “Redefining News in the Face of Crises: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Transition to a Watchdog Journal” (Fall 2014)

Donatelle, Anna, “Marketing Post-Feminism Through Social Media: Fan Identification and Fashion on Pretty Little Liars” (Summer 2014)

Kohlmann, Stephen, ““So Are We Good?” The Emerging Sensitive New Man Movement in the Boy’s Club of Standup Comedy” (Fall 2014)

Schwarz, Katrina, “Coverage of the Euro Crisis in Spanish, German, British, and American Elite Newspapers” (Spring 2014)

Turnblom, Robin, “When Breast Cancer Is All About the Boobs: Postfeminist Culture’s Influence on Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigning” (Summer 2014)

Glinis, Shawn, “VCRs: The End of Television as Ephemera” (Fall 2014)

Stratton, Nicholas, “Mind and Matter: The Discursive Construction of the iPhone in Apple’s Advertising” (Fall 2014)


Anderson, Jonathan, “Resolving Public Records Disputes in Wisconsin: The Role of the Attorney General’s Office” (Fall 2013)

Carmody, Casey, “Political Culture, Policy Liberalism, and the Strength of Journalists’ Privilege in the States” (Summer 2013)

Grim, Kristi, “Race, Crime and Athletes: A Qualitative Analysis of Framing in Local Newspaper Coverage of NFL Quarterbacks Michael Vick and Ben Roethlisberger” (Spring 2013)

Jia, Lei, “Giving to Be Seen: The influence of Facebook charitable advertisements on conspicuous donation behavior” (Fall 2013)

Kim, Minchul, “The Effects of Online Advertisements and News Images on News Reception” (Summer 2013)

Moran, Christian, “Understanding Wisconsin Legislators’ Use of Social Media” (Fall 2013)

Wooten, David, “How Lego Constructs a Cross-Promotional, Transmedia Franchise with Video Games” (Summer 2013)


Fabiano, DeAnna, “Complete make-under: Eating disorder memoirs as a challenge to neo-liberal makeover and therapy cultures” (Summer 2012)

Haywood, Alicia, “Media literacy and the developing identities of African-American adolescents” (Summer 2012)

Zhao, Jing, “Articulating the “L” word online: A study of Chinese slash fandom of Supergirl” (Summer 2012)

Peck, Carey, “Concepts of authorship in video game culture: Consumer and producer discourses of creativity and commercialization” (Spring 2012)

Sargsyan, Tatevik, “The influence of political, economic and cultural relations on the valence and frequency of foreign news in the New York Times and Izvestia” (Spring 2012)

Smith, Whitnee, “‘No one man should have all that power’: Kanye West and social constructions of black masculinity” (Spring 2012)


Bancroft, Molly, “Indie rock from the Heartland: Saddle Creek Records and the rise of Omaha’s music scene in a shifting global landscape” (Fall 2011)

Nichols, Lawrence, “Paranoid and poststructural: Truthers, birthers, and their mediated conspiracy theories” (Fall 2011)

Basnyat, Aarti, “Public diplomacy and participatory culture: The U.S. State Department’s ‘YouTube Democracy Video Challenge'” (Summer 2011)

Blasiola, Stacy, “Tweet, blog, write: An examination of social media use by journalists at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel” (Summer 2011)

Granitz, Derek, “Right but wrong?: Conservatism and television, 2001-2011” (Summer 2011)

Grote, Kristan, “Changes in conflict coverage in the New Berlin Citizen, 1960-1990″ (Summer 2011)

Rollefson, Jake, “‘Community in heavy rotation’: Music-formatted public radio and the conception of the audience” (Summer 2011)

Sang, Yoonmo, “A study of college students’ attitudes toward a paid news content system and the practice of deep-linking” (Summer 2011)

Xu, Weiai, “Foreign disease vs. local disease: A framing analysis of Chinese and U.S. wire news coverage regarding H1N1 flu” (Summer 2011)

Schreiner, Laura, “Serving the public interest: Art museums’ uses of the internet to advance their public missions” (Spring 2011)

Davis, Rose, “Building the public health agenda: Comparing CDC and New York Times communication during the 2009 swine flu pandemic” (Spring 2011)


Feng, Miao, “Framing the Chinese baby formula contamination scandal: A comparative study of American and Chinese media” (Fall 2010)

Bailey, Frizell, “The Lonelygirl15 hoax: User expectations of identity and disclosure in social networking and online media sharing” (Summer 2010)

Monroe, John, “Transparency and U.S. strategic communication: A case study of the Pentagon’s retired military analyst program” (Summer 2010)

Vanderhoef, John, “Casual threats: Gender and video game culture” (Summer 2010)

Lohman, Eric, “Where is the love? Feminism and De Beers diamond advertising” (Summer 2010)

Lennon, Erin, “Constructing an environmental agenda: Charles Whitnall, Milwaukee newspapers, and the Kinnickinnic River box tunnel debate, 1930-1931” (Summer 2010)

Zimdars, Melissa, “Where can a man be a man? Sexism and postfeminist masculinity” (Summer 2010)

Fitzgerald, Patrick, “The role of new media in framing dissent: Local news coverage of political protest at the 2008 Republican National Convention” (Spring 2010)

Draeger, Jennifer, “From property to honor: Changing notions of reputation in privacy cases, 1961-2009” (Spring 2010)

Kulpa-Grubich, Mary, “Raelian risks: A UFO religion’s use of unconventional marketing and new media” (Spring 2010)

Seidelman, Susie, “The production of culture, the culture of production: An analysis of a student-crewed documentary production” (Spring 2010)


Yu, Peng, “Trauma in four Chinese films and the fifth and sixth generations’ defiance of party ideologies” (Fall 2009)

Liu, Bingying, “A comparative analysis of breast cancer coverage by the Associated Press and Xinhua News Agency in 2008” (Fall 2009)

Turner, Matt, “An ethnographic analysis of the CouchSurfing Project and its potential to foster intercultural relationships” (Summer 2009)

Williams, Mara, “Generic vulnerability: Genre and narrative resistance in transgender testimonial video blogging” (Summer 2009)

Carviou, James R., “YouTube and politics: A new platform for political persuasion, engagement, and community” (Summer 2009)

Liang, Xuan, “The persuasion effects of watching a documentary film: Behind the labels: Garment workers on U.S. Saipan” (Summer 2009)

Haynes, Tameka, “Toward an understanding of HIV/AIDS and African American adolescents: A content analysis of black television programming” (Spring 2009)

Chang, Youngchi, “Singles In Seoul: Korean femininity and western postfeminism in popular media” (Spring 2009)

Boehm, Martha A., “From mediator to interpreter: The changing role of local television journalists in the 1960s” (Spring 2009)


Bartel, John, “A comparative case study of newspaper publishers’ involvement in promoting Milwaukee baseball stadium projects” (Fall 2008)

Gerhke, Marci R., “Newsmaking in business-to-business trade publications: the relationship between advertising and news content” (Fall 2008)

Marinetti, Anthony M., “Marginal internet music communities: identity, distinction, subcultural capital and counter hegemony” (Fall 2008)

Macafee, Timothy, “Political opportunities on Facebook and young people’s use of those opportunities” (Summer 2008)

McGann, Janice, “Do newspapers slant news according to editorial positions? Toronto newspapers and the great flag debate” (Summer 2008)

Wise, David, “Public health and business frames regarding a trans fat ban and their effects on public opinion” (Summer 2008)

Klein, Allison, “Newspaper coverage of Wisconsin’s three All-American Girls Professional Baseball League teams” (Spring 2008)

McManaman, Angela, “Remember Rwanda, rescue Darfur: an examination of American media coverage and political response to 21st century genocide” (Spring 2008)

Pokuta, Nicole, “Hypersexualized young female celebrities: Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and the virgin/whore dichotomy” (Spring 2008)

Tinholt, Angela, “Speaking for themselves: an analysis of Teen Voices magazine and an investigation into the importance of production-centered research in media studies” (Spring 2008)


Jayaraman, Kavita, “Understanding the effectiveness of product placement: the roles of placement congruency and information processing” (Fall 2007)

Marquardt, Emily, “Scandal coverage, Congress, and public opinion in 2006” (Fall 2007)

Ochal, Carrin, “The spread of an educational myth: how the myths of the information age have convinced parents that computers are essential to education” (Fall 2007)

Hareng, Erin, “Not hired: The Apprentice, the workplace, and post-feminism” (Fall 2007)

Slocum, Diane, “The divorce problem: deflecting moral panic in The Arena, 1889-1909″ (Fall 2007)

Fitzpatrick, Maureen, “On the hegemonic reproduction of masculine dominance: metrosexuals, soldiers, and the mass media” (Summer 2007)

Hoffmann, Melody, “Redefining pornography: digital, post-punk, and post-feminist cultures on” (Summer 2007)

Wangsvick, Paul, “News media framing of gay marriage at the state level, 2004-2006” (Summer 2007)

Glaeser, Jillian, “Creating policy in a state government: The development of Wisconsin’s anti-obscenity law” (Spring 2007)

Nair, Lekshmi, “The influence of residential mobility and stability on online news use” (Spring 2007)

Noftz, Nicole, “Pilates undefined: the reception of Pilates information” (Spring 2007)

Schmitt, Katherine, “To have and to hold to ideals: wedding reality shows and hegemony” (Spring 2007)


Cardwell, Elizabeth, “When the word says “no” to war: U.S. media coverage of global protests against war in Iraq” (Summer 2006)

Janscha, Jennifer, “Re-framing faith: the miracle debate in the New York Times and Princeton Review, 1850-1899″ (Summer 2006)

Walsko, Gregory, “Framing the digital must-carry debate: democracy and localism” (Summer 2006)

Bensheimer, Krista, “Marketing on the Web: an evaluation of Mount Zion Christian School’s use of the Web as a marketing tool to support its mission and goals” (Summer 2006)

Birthisel, Jessica, “Framing female Congressional candidates: the roles of sex, partisanship, and incumbency” (Summer 2006)

Razvi, Mehvish, “Bollywood Incorporated: negotiating Indianness through cinema” (Summer 2006)

Grider, Nicholas, “Think different: autism spectrum disorders and identity online” (Spring 2006)

Habeck, Jaclyn D., “Examining visitor motivations at the Milwaukee Public Museum” (Spring 2006)

Oliver, Qadira, “Black men’s responses to representations of black women in the media” (Spring 2006)

Sullivan, Jennifer, “The millennium campaign: electronic news releases and public relations effectiveness” (Spring 2006)

Trask, John Peter, “Working the crowd: the powers and pleasures of wrestling fandom” (Spring 2006)


Hutt, Colin, “The passion of the promotion: a crisis communications case study of the Passion of the Christ” (Fall 2005)

Sattler, Heather, “Muslim women through the eyes of the West: contact and perception” (Fall 2005)

Terry, Christopher, “Milwaukee’s radio news trinity: Clear Channel, Journal Communications, and Wisconsin Public Radio and coverage of the 2004 election” (Summer 2005)

Fitch, Schinika A., “How race and gender influence the professional values of journalists in Milwaukee” (Summer 2005)

Gallun, Tess, “Behind the lens of contemporary combat: the realities, trauma, and ethics of war as experienced by women photojournalists” (Summer 2005)

Szikora, Eszter, “Murder he wrote: patriarchal hegemony in postfeminist serial killer movies” (Summer 2005)

Cao, Xiaoxia, “Political interest, mass media, and young Americans in the 2004 general election” (Spring 2005)

Firkus, Debbie A., “Antiwar activism online: the virtues and vanity of the virtual sphere” (Spring 2005)


Stonbely, Sarah A., “Crime coverage on local television news: organizational constraints, fear, and authoritarianism” (Fall 2004)

McBride, Jessica Monica, “Using newspaper deviance frameworks to predict homicide newsworthiness in television news” (Fall 2004)

Fierro, Carlos Daniel, “Narrative and sympathy: a Smithean critique of Zapatista narratives in the New York Times and the Washington Post” (Summer 2004)

Jacques, March Laree, “Community-based breakthrough collaboratives: a diffusion study of civic innovation” (Summer 2004)

Rudy, Corrie Ann, “Strategic approaches to international advertising standardization: a qualitative content analysis of print advertisements from major French and U.S. news magazines” (Summer 2004)

Ducaine, Kimberly, “A picture of the American hero: ideological encoding of The flag raising at Iwo Jima & other World War II images” (Spring 2004)

Hafer, Jessica E., “Playing a role in politics: video games as a space for democratic associations and a concern in congressional hearings” (Spring 2004)


Koehler, Patricia Ann, “Defining postfeminism in popular discourse: sex in Sex and the City” (Fall 2003)

Werther-Kapsy, Katherine, “How the portrayal of sex on television may influence the beliefs and attitudes of teens about sexual practice: a qualitative study exploring recall and genre as agents in cultivation” (Fall 2003)

Wilson, James Timothy, “How and why television journalists edit news stories in the context of viewer understanding: a qualitative study exploring the use of redundancy in television news stories” (Fall 2003)

Nalbandian, Lisa M., “Interference: pirate radio and its value to the public sphere” (Summer 2003)

Pikuleff, Maria M., “A framework for global Web marketing: the case of international education” (Summer 2003)

Anderson, Jon G., “Image effectiveness in agricultural chemical print advertising” (Spring 2003)

Cain, Heidi Jo, “Follow the signs to McDonald’s: a study of corporate marketing strategy, connecting to communities” (Spring 2003)

Engel, Elissa Sally, “High-tech or Hochtechnologie?: anglicisms in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung as indicators of cultural change” (Spring 2003)

La Llave, Ana, (Spring 2003)

Miocic, Dajen Mirjana, “News about sports: a content analysis of the 2002 NCAA Basketball Tournament” (Spring 2003)


Ambrosh, Karen Ann, “Media literacy and technology in the classroom” (Fall 2002)

Han, Yoon Kyoung, “American public radio and Christian radio: historical research and suggestions for CBS in Korea” (Fall 2002)

Atkinson, Nathan M., “Hate crimes and mass media response to racial violence: an analysis of newspaper coverage of 1999 Benjamin Smith shooting spree” (Summer 2002)

Liu, Feng, “Evaluating advertising creativity: a comparison of practitioners and target readers” (Summer 2002)

Pittman, Angela Rose, “The beautiful ones: a discussion of beauty, the war between media and cultural standards of female beauty in Black and White America and an examination of diversity in beauty trends in American print fashion media over the past 20 years” (Summer 2002)

Christie, Christie A., “The dissemination of court records on the internet: is CCAP liable for invasion of privacy or defamation?” (Spring 2002)

Le Blanc, Julie Ann, “The relationship of editorial and advertising in hobby business publications: a content analysis” (Spring 2002)

Ringo, Peter F., “Media roles in female-to-male transsexual identity formation” (Spring 2002)


Rockow, Joette Ellen, “Of mice and media: Animals and American television, newspapers and culture” (Fall 2001)

Vinson, Jacquelyn Denise, “Genre bending: New narratives in ethnographic documentary” (Summer 2001)

Felber, Lorna Alisa, “Olympic athlete or just another pretty face: a look at stereotypical portrayals of female athletes” (Spring 2001)

Floyd, Megan M., (Spring 2001)

Lauters, Amy Linnea, “Converging cultures: television, the internet and the fans of Lois and Clark” (Spring 2001)


Velez, Lymari E., “The construction of cultural identities” (Summer 2000)

Freiwald, Eric Paul, “In good faith: Public discourse and national press coverage of Christianity” (Spring 2000)

Martinez, Michele A., “A roll of the dice: The authorship of American Indian representation related to gambling rights” (Spring 2000)

Weber-Holloway, Erin L., “A lack of differences: Comparisons of salary, job satisfaction and authority levels for female and male college sports information directors” (Spring 2000)


Crowder, Lilly R., “Journalists and public relations practitioners: One profession or two?” (Fall 1999)

Fitch, Janet, (Fall 1999)

Goller, Amy M., “Reading between the lines: Information biases in Milwaukee newspaper coverage of welfare reform” (Fall 1999)

Olsen, Timothy M., “An analysis of positioning statements in the media by the medical and pharmaceutical industries regarding antibiotic resistance” (Fall 1999)

Quinn, Brenda W., “Medicine, media, and mystery: The 1918 flu epidemic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin” (Fall 1999)

Sokol, Margaret W., “Playboy vs. Hustler: The bare facts on their influence in American society and modern day culture” (Fall 1999)

Jirikowic, Darlene A., “Secondary female characters: The subtext of situation comedy” (Summer 1999)

Liu, Weihua, “Cantonese identity re-emerged: Local discourse and media in Guangzhou” (Spring 1999)

Olver, Julie L., “Unequal protection: Gender neutrality and the failure of privacy law” (Spring 1999)


Pondillo, Robert J., “The “right” audience: How far will local TV news go?” (Fall 1998)

Pradarelli, Stephen J., “Community access television and the refugee experience: An examination of Hmong-produced programming” (Fall 1998)

Baker, Dale A., (Summer 1998)

Pluskota, Faymarie A., “The frontier newspaper as town booster: Milwaukee Sentinel, 1837-1860” (Summer 1998)

Welch, Sarah Delphine, “The role of figures of speech in magazine advertising as determined by semiotic theory” (Summer 1998)


Carter, Nicholas T., (Fall 1997)

Craft, Theresa Ann, “Adoption and media: The war for Baby Jessica” (Fall 1997)

Rostankowski, Alison, “The documentary tradition: A cultural critique of the television documentary” (Spring 1997)

Wilson, Hope, “The use of survey research in the practice of public relations: A survey of training and consulting needs and practices of small businesses in a three county metropolitan area” (Spring 1997)


Braden, Diane C., “A content analysis of television beer and wine commercials: Children’s perceptions of alcohol advertising” (Fall 1996)

Malinowski, Barbara E., “Nature images in advertisements: a study of magazine advertisements and consumer culture 1920-1929” (Fall 1996)

Zoromski, Mark S., “The impact of satellite technology on news content” (Fall 1996)

Chiang, Bor-Yang, “Involvement and motive in sports video game playing, televised sports viewing, live sports attendance and team sports participation” (Summer 1996)

Chiu, Ling-Ying, “The relationship between age, social interaction, mass media use and product information sources: A model of consumer’s purchase information seeking” (Summer 1996)

Cochran, Jane E., “Consumer reaction to World Wide Web advertising” (Summer 1996)

Gray, Mary Lisa, “Museum as medium, visitor research and museum-visitor relations: A mass communication perspective” (Summer 1996)

Huang, Ai-Ling, “Television and the elderly: The portrayals of the elderly in different demographic-skewing programming” (Summer 1996)

Hughes, Karen Dudley, “Commercial speech and teenage sexuality: An evaluation and proposal for change” (Summer 1996)

Lapine, Raymond E., “The relationship between conservatism and the approval of sensationalism as a technique in television news” (Summer 1996)

Li, Wan-Erh, “A comparison of obscenity law in China, Taiwan and the United States” (Summer 1996)

Buhk, Carijean Elizabeth, (Spring 1996)

Leichtfuss, Rebecca S., “Organizational communication at a daily newspaper: A case study of The Reporter in Fond du Lac” (Spring 1996)


Knabe, Ann P., “U.S. Air Force Reserve plane crashes: A case study in crisis communication” (Fall 1995)

Luljak, Thomas P., “Discovering deception: A study of journalism ethics in two television newsrooms” (Fall 1995)

Splieth, Roberta Kay, “Toward a telco speech model: A legal analysis” (Spring 1995)


Weinzierl, Michael E., “Community ties, perceived news relevance, recreation time and career goals as predictors of news consumption among mass communication students” (Fall 1994)