Translation: CIE’s Annual Conference

UW – Milwaukee’s Center for International Education hosted its Annual Conference on April 24th and 25th in the Hefter Conference Center. This year’s focus, Translation, brought together scholars from across disciplines, locations and institutions. The Conference organizers, Patrice Petro, Vice Provost for International Education and Professor of English, Film and Global Studies, and Lorena Terando, Associate Professor of Translation and Interpreting Studies, exemplify this cross-disciplinary approach.

The unofficial lead-in to the conference was Lydia Liu’s presentation: “Who Owns Great Ideas: The Untold Story of Human Rights After World War II”, which was part of the George F. Kennan Distinguished Lecture Series sponsored by CIE’s Institute of World Affairs.

In addition to speakers from across the country, the conference also features the work and contributions of CIE’s Global Fellows for 2014/15. The Global Fellows Program, established in 2010, supports UW – Milwaukee faculty members’ cutting edge research on globalization issues.

In his blog, Richard Scott Valentino, one of the conference presenters, provided excellent insight into the events of the conference, and speaks to how the disparate view points and perspectives came together to form a cohesive and productive dialogue.

For more information on this year’s conference is available, as well as a historical archive of past years’ conferences please visit CIE’s website.