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Since 2014, CIE has facilitated the use of NRC funds to support faculty and lecturers from the Wisconsin Technical College System in internationalizing curriculum.

Award Description

Grants of up to $1000 will be awarded to a single faculty/instructor or a group of faculty/instructors to develop a new course or enhance an existing course. Number of awards is determined by number and quality of proposals.

Applications require a budget and 1-2 page narrative describing the project’s academic focus including: anticipated content, disciplinary or interdisciplinary focus and academic goals, as well as a description of how those goals would be achieved by the proposed project.

Funds may be used for costs associated with faculty and lecturer activities including the following:

  • Participation in person or virtual conferences, workshops, and other professional development events that will lead to the creation of new courses or revision of existing courses with international content;
  • Sponsorship of guest lecturers, webinars, program evaluators, etc. that contributes to the internationalization of the curriculum on your campus;
  • Development of shareable resources that support campus internationalization.
  • Creation of courses that align with the Global Studies BA degree program at UWM (https://uwm.edu/global-studies/), to build potential pathways for transfer students.

Calls for proposals typically begin in September of the grant year.

Support and Selection of Awardees

NRC grant managers administer the awards, provide support to faculty and staff before, after, and during the award period and conduct evaluation and reporting on NRC funded activities.

The NRC Professional Development Review Committee is responsible for reviewing the proposals and selecting awardees based on contribution to your campus’ globalization, alignment with NRC grant goals and interests and feasibility of implementation.

All expenditures must be approved by the NRC grant managers before purchase and expenditures without prior approval will not be reimbursed.