The Center for International Education (CIE), through funding made possible by the U.S. Department of Education (US/ED), invites eligible undergraduate students to apply for the Title VI Foreign Languages and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship program to advance their study of intermediate or advanced less-commonly-taught foreign languages (LCTLs) in combination with international/area studies courses. CIE offers funding for the academic school year, as well as intensive language programs offered in the summer. UWM Letters and Science students and those from the professional Schools/Colleges, as well as underrepresented students, are all encouraged to apply. Courses may be taken at UWM or through study abroad that is pre-approved by US/ED.

CIE FLAS-eligible languages offered at UWM include Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and other LCTLs upon approval by the US/ED.

UWM’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies also provides FLAS fellowships for undergraduate and graduate students studying Portuguese. Check out their available opportunities!

Since 2014, CIE FLAS funding has helped nearly 100 students dedicate themselves to the advancement of their language, enrich their studies, and prepare them for careers in an international context. See the list of FLAS awardees below.

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellows

  • Summer 2022: Noelani Vargas (Russian), Henry Wehrs (Arabic), Ayden Galligan (Italian), Katrina Parra (Korean)
  • 2021/22: Tasneem Badani (Portuguese), Maggie Dobbs (Chinese), Sydney Hermans (Arabic), Panhou Lee (Chinese), Connor Lynch (Chinese), Alma Martinez (Portuguese), Mason Meyer (Arabic), Anthony Miller (Japanese), Faith Robinson (Japanese), Emily Thompson (Russian), Autumn Vang (Japanese), Julian Wiborg (Japanese)
  • Summer 2021: Kieran Fendt (Russian), Noelani Vargas (Russian), Denise Wadzinksi (Hebrew)
  • 2020/21: Justina Cheng (Japanese), Britney Hayes (Korean), Alec Hoffman (Japanese), Alphia Korpela (Russian), Panhou Lee (Chinese), Joseph Lundell (Japanese), Connor Lynch (Chinese), Anthony Miller (Japanese), Hannah Miller (Russian), Jazmin Ramos (Japanese), Gianna Rupnick (Arabic), Paulette Winkels (Portuguese)
  • Summer 2020: Finn Casey (Russian), Alec Hoffman (Japanese), Zayna Tubeishat (Arabic), Henry Wehrs (Arabic)
  • 2019/20: Michael Bartz (Japanese), Stephanie Korb (Japanese), Adeel Masalkhi (Korean), Anthony Miller (Japanese), Natalie Olguin (Korean), Violeta Ramirez (Chinese), Jazmin Ramos (Japanese), Jonathan Roecklein (Japanese), Sam Schrader (Russian), Elizabeth Xiong (Japanese)
  • Summer 2019: Finn Casey (Russian), Thomas Haigley III (Russian), Kennedy Imhoff (Korean), Callie Weers (Chinese), Nia Wilson (Portuguese)
  • 2018/19: Anwuar Abdalah (Japanese), Brianna Buhs (Japanese), Edgar Gonzalez (Japanese), Kayla Kozlowski (Chinese), Mara Lapp (Chinese), Katie Larson (Chinese), Jazmin Ramos (Japanese), Carrie Schultz (Arabic), Lauren Singer (Japanese), Jasmine Viges (Chinese)
  • 2017/18: Margaret Moran (Russian), Gershon Pevnick (Japanese), Scott Patnode (Russian), Mackenzie Tubridy (Russian), Pengxue Vang (Japanese), Jasmine Vigas (Chinese)
  • Summer 2017: Nicole Lydia Sunny Dolezal (Chinese), Dominique Flannagan (Korean), Edgar Gonzalez (Japanese), Anthony Heffron (Chinese), Abbey Palmer (Russian), Sarah Stevens (Russian), Kimberly Weatherly (Japanese), Callie Weers (Japanese)
  • 2016/17: Jacob Apazeller (Arabic), Breanna Ayers (Chinese), Amy Lynn Beilke (Russian), Anastassia Christensen (Arabic), Jeanette Helferich (Japanese), Kevin Li (Japanese), Marissa Paulson (Portuguese), Rebecca Schnirman (Korean), Aaron D. Scott (Russian), Brian J. Tebbitt (Arabic)
  • Summer 2016: Jenna Busha (Japanese), Nicole Lydia Sunny Dolezal (Chinese), Dominique Flannagan (Korean), John Johnson (Arabic), Mayya Pechenova (Russian)
  • 2015/16: Ryan Boggs (Chinese), Edward Breihan (Japanese), Jacob Brown (Chinese), Jeanette Helferich (Japanese), Josephine Kirkland (Japanese), Spero Lomenzo (Chinese), Jadee Lord (Arabic), Alisha Olson (Arabic), Alexandra Stott (Russian), Andrew Woehlke (Chinese)
  • Summer 2015: Miguelina Berroa (Portuguese), Sugeiry Berroa (Portuguese), Nigel Dowling (Russian), Kristen Lango (Polish), Lindsay McElhenie (Russian), Bryan Rogers (Portuguese), Taylor Woods (Arabic)
  • 2014/15: Chelsea Ballas (Portuguese), Ryan Boggs (Chinese), Jeanette Helferich (Japanese), Erich Jones (Arabic), Josephine Kirkland (Japanese), Spero Lomenzo (Chinese), Heather Lueck (Japanese), Alisha Olson (Arabic), Buck Sharlow (Japanese), Alexandra Stott (Russian)