Program Charter


  • The purpose of the ITSM program is to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of delivering IT services to the campus community leveraging a best practices framework (currently version 3 of the IT Infrastructure Library [ITIL]).

Goal Statement

  • This goal of this program is to maintain the portfolio of projects that support best practices IT service management appropriate to our environment, and improvement in delivery of IT services to the campus community.

Success Factors

Success of the program will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Progress as indicated by an annual ITIL organizational maturity assessment compared to the baseline assessment performed in January 2010.
  • Percentage of staff successfully trained in IT service management, at levels appropriate to their roles, in a calendar year.
  • Uptime of IT services, evaluated monthly, exclusive of scheduled maintenance, but inclusive of both service outages and service degradations
  • Number of service portfolio / catalog entries added / updated in a calendar year, including number of entries developed pre- vs. post- service implementation.

Program Management team


Name Role
Beth Schaefer Program Sponsor
Vickie Schuh Program Manager
Keith Emmons, BATO Program Resource – Committee Member
Noelle Fredrich, Help Desk Program Resource – Committee Member
Mark Jacobson, Mobile and Web Program Resource – Committee Member
Jim Kavanagh, LSITO Program Resource – Committee Member
Yuri Keegstra, Help Desk Program Resource – Committee Member
Dale Matenaer, Project Management Program Resource – Committee Member
Ed Melchior, Application Development Program Resource – Committee Member
Robert Meyer, SAITS Program Resource – Committee Member
Steve Premeau, Data Center Operations Program Resource – Committee Member

Role Descriptions

Program Sponsor

  • Approves all related program artifacts and deliverables
  • Manages policies and procedures impacted by and required by the program
  • Allocates program management resources
  • Facilitates approval of program related project plans
  • Facilitates project resources based on the program-related project plans
  • Provides input into strategic decisions and provides support for resolution of program issues
  • Advocates and represents the program to campus constituents

Program Manager

  • Maintains the ITSM project portfolio.
  • Identifies and initiates gap analysis between current IT service management adoption and goals developed by the Program Committee
  • Identifies needs and seeks resources for chartered program-related projects
  • Provides overall coordination of active program-related projects
  • Manages overall risk for active program-related projects
  • Participates in program-related projects at the direction of the project managers
  • Communicates overall program status to program sponsors
  • Communicates appropriate summaries to identified interested parties

Project Manager

  • Manages all phases of individual program-related projects
  • Leads individual program-related project implementations and teams
  • Provides Program Manager with project after-action reports

Program Resource

  • A recurring resource utilized by the program to accomplish specific organizational functions
  • Member of the ITSM Program Committee

Interested Parties

  • UITS CIO Cabinet
  • UITS Operations Team
  • UWM Tech Users Group
  • Working groups chartered by the Program Manager