UWM Information Security Roles

The following defines the information security roles of campus personnel.

  • The Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs and the Chief Information Officer (the “Security Program Officers”) are designated as the institutional officials responsible for coordinating and overseeing implementation of information security policy.
  • The Information Security Officer (ISO) is the staff member within UITS who is responsible for developing standards related to information security.
  • The Chief of Police is responsible for coordinating the engagement of law enforcement in information security compliance and law enforcement response where appropriate and helping to ensure information and physical security.
  • College and Division leaders are responsible for coordinating their efforts with the other institutional representatives as necessary to ensure compliance with legal requirements and information security policy.
  • The Office of Legal Affairs provides legal guidance as necessary to ensure that university activities meet the requirements of information security policy and the law.
  • The Information Systems Auditor from the Department of Internal Audit provides assessment services for departments and divisions to monitor compliance with legal requirements and best practices in an independent, unbiased and uniform manner.