Public Paper Shredders

Locations of shredders
There are locations that provide public access to locked paper shredders on the UWM campus.

The shredders are available at any time. To operate, simply place the items to be shredded in a slot at the top of the shredder.

If what you have to shred is too big to fit in the slots, you can contact Steve Butzlaff, Buildings & Grounds, at (414) 229-5102 or to make arrangements to have the top opened up. The items to be shredded can then be placed directly in the bin.

If your items for shredding are too big for the bins, contact Butzlaff to arrange for a special pickup. Your department will be charged for this service.

Electronic Waste

Office of Sustainability – Surplus
Information regarding secure electronic waste disposal/recycling for unusable UWM-owned computers, laptops, monitors, printers and other peripherals.