“Milwaukee As Seen From Space”: A conversation between Neapolitan painter Francesco Fiscardi, students of Ojibwe and students of Italian”

"Milwaukee As Seen From Space": by Francesco Fiscardi

On April 29, 2021, the Neapolitan painter Francesco Fiscardi joined the students of Ojibwe and Italian at UWM via Zoom. They had a lively conversation about his painting “Milwaukee As Seen From Space,” which focuses on the shores of Milwaukee where the people of Wisconsin’s Sovereign Anishinaabe, Ho-Chunk, Menominee, Oneida and Mohican nations remain present. The thoughts the painting inspired in students of Ojibwe and Italian are shared in the lines of poetry below.

Rivers give life to the city and flow to the lake.

Carmen Aguilar-Diaz (Ojibwe 162)

The big water and the people will feed each other for a long time so long as we are all living well.

Tessa Culleton (Ojibwe 162)

Un gioco di colori ed emozioni diversi. La bellezza del lago, e la grande e tumultuosa città.
Le tua arte mi scalda il cuore.
La bellezza del lago e la grande e tumultuosa città creano un silenzio incredibile.
Grazie Francesco.
A play of different colors and emotions. The beauty of the lake, and the big and tumultuous city.

Your art warms my heart.
The beauty of the lake and the big and tumultuous city create an incredible silence.
Thank you Francesco.

Lilith Lenz (Italian 203)

We remember the city and the lake are amazing.

Nina Gordon (Ojibwe 252)

I don’t know where the trees and plants are. The lake is blue.
Holly Lebeck (Ojibwe 162)

Abbiamo la capacità di identificare ciò che ci riempie di passione e, se continuiamo a prestarci attenzione, può trasformarsi in uno stile di vita.

We have the capacity to identify what gives us passion and, if we continue to pay attention to it, it can transform into a style of life.

Toni Verhagen (Italian 203)

The water is respected in Milwaukee.

Edie Ma’iingan Redwine (Ojibwe 252)

The water is sick, the water needs healing.

Jacob Valtierra (Ojibwe 252)

I suoi dipinti sono ricchi di cultura e colore.

Your paintings are rich with culture and color.

Darby Hutchinson (Italian 104)

The white light of the stars reflects in the water flowing along the city they built

Erin Leary (Ojibwe 162)

Rivers continuously flowing old water, to an old city. Just like blood continuously flowing to the heart of the old city.

Laura Bergh (Ojibwe 162)

È interessante vedere come l’acqua scorre attraverso la città.

It’s interesting to see how the water flows through the city.

Deja Hitt (Italian 104)

Many of the trees are gone.

Jaymee Dhein (Ojibwe 162)

Vedo i fiumi di tre tribù
Diventano uno nel lago Michigan,
Poi attraverso la St. Lawrence Seaway,
Allo stretto di Gibilterra,
Al mar Mediterraneo,
Alle rive di NapoliI

I see the rivers of three tribes
They become one in Lake Michigan,
Then through the St. Lawrence Seaway,
To the Strait of Gibraltar,
To the Mediterranean sea,
To the shores of Naples

John Fatica (Italian 204)

We thank you for the beautiful and accurate drawing.

Bradley Conger (Ojibwe 252)

This is the place people live beside the home of the Lake Michigan Water Panther.

Margaret Noodin (Instructor of AIS 252)

Da vicino la città è animata, ma è tranquilla dal cielo
Up close the city is busy, but it’s peaceful from the sky.

Alyssa Fehrman (Italian 204)