Implementation Activities

Monday, June 11, 2018 was the official launch of UWM Shared Services.

Shared Services Center (SSC) staff from Human Resources, Finance, and Procurement began moving into the new space in Engelmann Hall. Our IT team, now known as Campus Technology Support (CTS), will be providing support to over 70% of campus and will continue to have a presence throughout the UWM community.

There will be a slow rollout of change in our support model. As of June 2018, there are no major changes, other than the new naming conventions mentioned above. Gradually, SSC will be updating their processes and contacts for services. These changes will be communicated with the units supported by the Shared Services Center.

The operational website is now live for the Shared Services Center. Please feel free to explore it:

The ISS Project will be continuing onward. The immediate focus is on the launch of the Shared Services Center – spending time developing in-scope processes, defining the work culture, etc. In the near future, we will shift to the next phase of the project – at that time we will have more information regarding project updates, new teams, milestones, etc.