PI / Student PI Training

–Effective January 2018–

We are updating our training requirements for all PIs and Student PIs (SPIs). All PIs and SPIs must complete a CITI IRB training course in order to conduct research at UWM. We will no longer accept the old UWM Human Subjects Training Tutorial (pre-2011) as fulfillment of the training requirement.

In addition, this training will need to be renewed every 3 years by completing a CITI refresher course. CITI will send you reminders and make the refresher training available in your account when the 3 year expiration date approaches. The refresher training is shorter than the initial training.

If you completed the UWM Human Subjects Training but have not completed CITI training, you should complete CITI training as soon as possible. If you have completed CITI, but it was more than 3 years ago, you should complete a refresher as soon as possible.

When submitting a new study, we will check whether you have current CITI training on file. If you do not, we will notify you as part of the review process and ask you to complete it.

IMPORTANT: We will not issue IRB approval until both the PI and SPI have current CITI training. This includes studies conducted by a student; the faculty advisor serving as PI must also have current CITI training.

Click here to go to our CITI training information page.