Questions Surrounding Summer 2020 Classes

We are currently living in unprecedented times. Circumstances caused by COVID-19 are constantly changing. The English Language Academy considers the safety of our students and staff to be the most important. So, we are following the guidelines laid out by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for our Summer 2020 classes, which states that classes will be held at a distance. For the English Language Academy, this means that we will be holding all of our summer classes online.

We understand that this changes the experience that our Intensive English Program provides for students, however, we want to do the best that we can with these current circumstances. It is important that we still provide opportunities for students to continue taking English language courses and to reach their goals in their English-language learning.

So, for the Summer 2020 session, we will be providing classes online. Providing courses online gives us the opportunity to keep our students and staff safe while still providing English-language instruction to students. Even though this takes away the in-person and fully immersive English-language learning experience, a wonderful benefit to this is that students can study English from the comfort of their home country. They do not have to apply for student visas.

We will be offering our three core classes: Reading, Listening & Speaking, and Writing for level A (beginner/elementary) and level B (intermediate/high-intermediate). Students can take as many or as few courses as they would like. We will also be offering our classes on a monthly basis during the following dates:

  • Month 1: June 2nd – June 26th
  • Month 2: July 7th – July 31st

Students can select to enroll in only June, only July, or both. We want to provide flexibility for students for our Summer 2020 classes.

Those interested in taking online courses this summer, can learn more information about these courses on our website here.

If you have any questions about our Summer 2020 online courses, please email the English Language Academy at