Multi Race/Ethnicity New Transfer Retention & Graduation

Availability:SharePoint Dashboard
Note: To help protect student privacy, this dashboard is limited to people who have existing access to OBIEE. To learn more about requesting access to OBIEE, please click here.
Description:This dashboard focuses on multi-ethnic new transfer and their retention and graduation rates.

Six types of race/ethnicity (African American, American Indian, Asian American, SE Asian, Lation/a, and White) are represented. International students, other races, and unknown races are not. Therefore, as a subset of the total cohort each year, the number of new freshmen reported by cohort in this dashboard will be different from the total number you will see reported elsewhere.

Filters you must select in Step 1 include cohort year and a specific race/ethnicity. The default data displayed will include all students who, either in whole or part, identified themselves as that race/ethnicity. You have the option, in Step 2, to select either students who are multi-ethnic with that race/ethnicity OR only the selected race/ethnicity. Additional filters you may select in Step 3 include school/college, field of study, ACT score, remedial need, initial residency, gender, and first semester GPA. This dashboard also uses National Student Clearinghouse data to reflect where student enroll or graduate from if they transfer out of UWM.

Users of this dashboard may be accessing FERPA-protected data and are therefore expected 1) only to access such data if they have a legitimate educational reason for doing so, and 2) to take appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of such data, for example, redacting cell sizes less than 5 if the data will be shared outside of UWM.
Production Schedule:Each Fall
Data Source:UWM data warehouse tables, National Student Clearinghouse data
Notes:Please click here for a detailed description of this dashboard.
Change log:3/11/2020: The detailed description referenced in the "Notes" section above was updated to clarify that this dashboard only includes bachelor's degree recipients from UWM’s Main Campus with no prior degrees/completions from UWM (Flex degrees excluded).