Payroll Headcount and FTE (October Payroll Report)

Availability:UWM Total and Division:
Major Department:
Sub Department:
UWM Reports - Pre 2010:
Description:Reports of payroll headcounts and fte by employee type, full time vs. part time, division and department.
OAIR produces the following Human Resource reports. Other reports may be found at the UWM Human Resource Office website.
Production Schedule:Annually in Late December
Data Source:Tables yet to be defined, based on new HR data warehouse.
Change Log:
  • 2020:
    1. Beginning Fall 2020, these reports will be decommissioned and no longer provided by OAIR. Faculty and staff numbers will instead be reported in the School/College Analytics Dashboard and the Department Analytics Dashboard.

  • 2019:
    1. For 2019, only UWM total and division information is provided due to the discontinuation of information that was used in previous years for department and subdepartment information.
  • 2010:
    1. Beginning with 2010, employees are counted only once in the headcount column. Previous reports allowed for double counting.
    2. Also beginning with 2010, the report now includes the breakdown of employees into IPEDS countable and those not countable. IPEDS is the federal government reporting system which sets rules on what types of employees are countable.
    3. In addition, this year's report separates out Tenured Executives; these had previously been included in Limited Appointments.
  • 2009:
    1. There are discontinuities in reported faculty information from 2008 to 2009. Prior to 2009, all full and associate professors were included in the counts of tenured faculty. Beginning with 2009, the methodology was refined to reference the tenure status of each individual regardless of rank. For example, a non-tenured associate professor in 2008 or before would have been included in the tenured faculty count. For 2009, that same person is included in the non-tenured count.