Enrollment by Field of Study and Plan Type

This report is no longer being produced due to OAIR's redesigned scope. Please see OAIR's Official Historical Comparison of Enrollments dashboard.for extensive historical enrollment data.
Availability:Headcount Enrollment by Field of Study, Plan Type:
Headcount Enrollment by Field of Study, Ethnicity, Gender:
Headcount Enrollment by Field of Study, Plan Description:
Headcount Enrollment by Field of Study, SubPlan Description:
Description:Count of student enrollment by academic group, student field of study, plan type, ethnicity, gender, plan description, subplan description, career and student level (year in school).
Production Schedule:Fall term after the official census date.
Data Source:Vu_Sta_Student_All_Countable, Vu_Uwm_Term_Plan
Change Log:11/14/2019: Revised reports for Fall 2018 and Fall 2019 were posted

Beginning with Fall 2016, PDF and Excel reports do not include the Student Support Services and Business Scholars academic plans.

8/24/2020: Fall 2019 PDFs were revised to correct an issue where data were cut off the display page due to the addition of Associate academic plan data.

1/11/2021: Fall 2020 PDFs were revised to update Field of Study information for Honors and College of General Studies.