Section Attrition and Grade Report

Description:Count of enrollments and grades by School/College and subject. The detail report also includes course number, section and instructor.
Production Schedule:These reports are posted on the last day of the month based on the following schedule: Fall - January; Winterim - March; Spring - June; Summer - September
Data Source:Vu_Sta_Student, Vu_Sta_Class, Vu_Rec_Enrollment_Fact_X
Change log:Spring 2016 reports updated 11/3/2020 to reflect change in school/college assignment for Master's in Sustainable Peacebuilding that went into effect after the reports were originally published.

3/6/2020: Summer and Fall 2019 grade summary PDF reports updated to display all grades on one page.

  • Summer 2016:
    1. Beginning with the summer 2016 semester, summary grade reports have been limited to subjects that have more than five enrollments.

      7/1/2021: Fall 2020 report updated to reflect Peace Studies courses move from L&S to Nursing academic group.

  • Summer 2009:
    1. Beginning with the summer 2009 semester, detail grade reports by course/section have been limited to those course sections that have more than five enrollments.