Reporting Note on Race/Ethnicity

Beginning in 2008-09, the collection of race/ethnicity data was federally mandated to include a two part question to ascertain whether a student was of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity and to identify race(s).  At UWM, after extensive discussions, it was determined that any student reporting more than one race/ethnicity would be included in one of two new multi-ethnic categories for internal reporting purposes.  If a student indicated multiple race/ethnicities where at least one was considered a targeted race/ethnicity, s/he would be counted “targeted multi-ethnic”.  If none of the multiple race/ethnicities were targeted, s/he would be counted as “non-targeted multi-ethnic”.  Following this methodology, the sum of all categories would reflect the total headcount of all students at UWM.

In an effort to clarify how many students report any given race/ethnicity, a new report was developed where students are “double-counted”, i.e. for each race/ethnicity, there is a count of how many students report that race/ethnicity alone and how many report the race/ethnicity in addition to other race/ethnicities.  The sum of those figures represents the number of students at UWM who report, in whole or part, any particular race/ethnicity.  However, the sum of all the categories will be greater than the total headcount of all students as any student reporting multiple race/ethnicities will be counted in each category.