Beihoff, Jacob

Graduate Project Assistant
Assessment & Institutional Research

As a Graduate Project Assistant, Jacob’s primary responsibility involves assisting in the implementation of the Educational Advisory Board’s Academic Performance Solutions (APS) Analytics tool within the UW-Milwaukee academic planning system. This responsibility includes:

  • Working extensively within APS to understand the full-scope of how APS Analytics can best contribute to UWM academic planning on a wide-scale,
  • Collecting, interpreting, and distributing APS data to key academic planning officials around the UWM Campus,
  • Assisting UWM academic planning officials in using APS Analytics within their divisions to best contribute to their divisional academic growth

Having earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from UW-Milwaukee’s College of Letters and Science in May 2018, Jacob has an affinity for analytical thinking and how it can best contribute to a rapidly growing data-driven world. At UWM, Jacob is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Marketing, alongside a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics.