Data Definition

Entry Definition Related Reports
Admitted Student who has been admitted to UWM, who has not since cancelled AND Student who was admitted but then decides not to attend UWM. (Admitted + Cancelled)
Continuing Student who sits out for a semester, does not attend anywhere else, then reapplies to the UWM.
Technically they are still “active” in their previous program so they are “continuing” when they come again.
Country Country data is availabe from Fall 2011. Country is retrieved from a home or a mail address in an application.
Credits Student’s total official credits for the current term, which doesn’t include remedial credits.
Not Admitted Student who is denied admission to UWM (Refused) AND all other application status including In process, Inactivated, Referred, Term changes, etc.)
Reentry Student who sits out more than two semesters (has to include spring or fall) and then reapplies.  They are no longer active in the system so they are “reentering” the institution.
Reentry Special Reentry, just as a special, non-degree seeking student
Targeted populations Individuals with any ethnicities within the groups of African American/Black, Latino/a, American Indian or SouthEast Asian
Units Credits that students pay for, but do not earn (e.g. Math 94, Music 106, Music 120, etc.)
(Updated by November 15th, 2016)